4 Ways to Create Shade for Your Backyard Oasis

4 Ways to Create Shade for Your Backyard Oasis

Looking for ways to shelter from the glaring sun and create more privacy? Good news

Looking for ways to shelter from the glaring sun and create more privacy? Good news – there are many ways to do so. Most of them are affordable and long-lasting. Some require more effort and investments yet become part of unique exterior décor. Here you’ll find 4 ways to shade your backyard – efficiently control the light, create privacy and even add a final touch to your cosy outdoor oasis.

1. Custom-Made Awnings

Let’s start with one of the most efficient and functional ways to create a lovely shade. When it comes to awnings, today, you can find various options that complement different exteriors. Not to mention modern awnings’ fabrics and functions that allow easier maintenance and provide more comfort. For instance, minimalist design, automated and even remotely controlled shading systems.

If you want more information about innovative custom awnings, Lexblinds team is ready to provide more details and share some inspiring examples.

2. Pergola

Another popular choice is a pergola. Pergolas made of waterproof, UV-protective materials prevent your outdoor furniture from mould and fading. Modern pergolas, as well as awnings, have more functions than reducing the sun glare. Innovative shading systems can be mounted between the walls, one side on the wall or built as a separate construction.

3. Plants and Trees

Now, this often requires more patience, higher maintenance and investment. But no one can argue that natural elements uniquely enliven spaces. Natural areas are the ones we all automatically drift to. They invite us to relax, have a cup of coffee, read a book, and meditate. Moreover, various plant arrangements and trees provide excellent coverage without blocking too much sun. You can find many great ideas online or consult with landscaping specialists. The latter might be the best option.

4. Adjustable Garden Parasol

An adjustable garden parasol might be the cheapest way to shade the outdoor oasis. Even though it maybe doesn’t look that modern or unique, by no means it’s one of the most efficient solutions when you have a limited budget and outdoor space. It’s essential to look for durable fabrics and adjustable mechanisms for greater comfort. Not to say the colour palette must match the house exactly, but you might want to keep the harmonious look. Parasols of earthy pastel tones often look more sophisticated and luxurious.

There are quite a few ways to shelter from the sun in style and even bring more valuable functions into your outdoor area. Have clear criteria regarding not only design but practical aspects too. Consider the shading system a long-lasting investment to create a durable, stylish, and functional backyard oasis.